Our school actively participates in many different charity drives, the most popular being “The Holiday Package Program”. It is very easy to participate in this program. In November our school Website lists underprivileged families. The list includes a short description of each family as well as their specific needs and wishes. All we have to do is choose a family and make a Christmas present for them. It’s a simple action, but this year (2010/2011) we helped more than a hundred families.

By no means is our zeal for volunteer work limited to the holiday season. Our volunteers help younger pupils and senior citizens. They also help their peers with their homework, spending a few hours with them after school. Our volunteers show their friends that learning can be easy and enjoyable.

“Teatime with Seniors” is another program which involves our volunteers. They visit senior citizens who have no family. Our pupils talk to them about their youth, read them books and even show them how o use a computer.